Neurological Surgeons Columbus OH
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    Trusted Neurosurgeons in Columbus, Ohio

    Columbus Neurology is a group of talented, experienced neurosurgeons dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable care. Established in 1969, our facilities are well equipped with the technology and services necessary to ensure the highest standard of neurological surgical care. If you are suffering from a neurological disorder, put your trust in our skilled hands. We look forward to serving you. Your visit will include the following comprehensive care services:

    • Complete assessment of your condition
    • Personal meeting on your first visit
    • Examination and discussion
    • New patient information packet
    • On-call emergency services for after-hours
    • Prescription services

    Premier Neurological Surgeons in Columbus, Ohio

    At Columbus Neurology, our mission is to provide comprehensive neurological surgical care and education through cutting-edge technology and treatments. We have all the resources necessary to provide our patients with the most advanced specialty care around. You will receive innovative and reliable treatment from experienced, state-of-the-art neurosurgeons. Our physicians are dedicated to their science and to their patients. We are affiliated with several hospitals in order to offer you complete service:

    • Eastwind Surgical
    • Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s
    • Mt. Carmel East
    • New Albany Surgical
    • Riverside Methodist

    Free Wi-Fi for Patients and Guests

    We understand that many of our guests and patients have very busy lives. Rather than putting everything on hold and causing anxiety to those who need to stay connected, we offer free Wi-Fi. This is just one of the many ways in which we strive to make your visit with us as convenient as possible.

    Focus on Patient Education for Success

    One of the goals of our Columbus neurosurgeons is to provide patients with the education they need to fully understand their neurological disorders and all the treatment options available to them. One of the key factors in treating your condition effectively is understanding the latest medical information. We are committed to giving you confidence in your recovery by discussing your treatment in detail. We provide the following materials to help you understand our advanced care:

    • Instructional literature
    • Online demonstration videos
    • Professional and attentive staff members

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